Path To Growth,
Norine Vander Hooven - LCSW

“Before Keri's support I felt stuck in how to move forward in my practice. I met Keri back in 2019 and although we only spoke for a brief time, I felt such a genuine, caring and positive energy from her, I knew I wanted to gain more from her energy and genuine being.

After giving myself permission to receive Keri's support, I have now expanded my group practice, offer clinical and EMDR consultation, and am working on offering consultation services on a corporate level. My income has tripled during this time. Keri is such true and genuine person, and resonates with people on such a different level than other types of consultation or support. Her group that I am in is one that provides support with no judgment and a sense of true and genuine caring amongst all members.”


Path To Growth,
Marisol Pérez - LCSW

“Before joining Keri's group I longed for community, felt unsafe in predominantly white spaces, and struggled using my voice. After giving myself permission to receive Keri and the group's support, I feel safe and welcomed, I show up authentically and intuitively in sessions, and I continue to build a healthy relationship with power. I’m immensely grateful to Keri for holding such sacred space that has greatly impacted my life.”


Path To Growth,

“As a Medicine Woman, I had an old story about charging for my services. It was steeped in lack and scarcity. With support from Keri I have remembered how to fully step into my abundance frequency.

After working together, I was able to connect more authentically with my client community and fill my largest attended event to date and have a $7000 program launch.

I continue to work with her abundance activations and they support me on various levels each time!”

Medicine Woman


The Abundance Activator


per month
  • Access to 2 Monthly Zoom Sessions:
    • 1 Abundance Activation
    • 1 Q&A Group Coaching Experience 
  • Your Private Members Forum
  • Full Access to the Library of Abundance Resources

The investment for Tier 1 is $88 per month or $997/year (save $59)

We ask for a 3 month minimum commitment to join Tier 1.


The Abundance Alchemist


per month
  • Access to 2 Monthly Zoom Sessions:
    • 1 Abundance Activation
    • 1 Q&A Group Coaching Experience 
  • Your Private Members Forum
  • Full Access to the Library of Abundance Resources


  • 4 Quarterly Virtual Retreats. These are half day retreats diving deeper into Abundance Activation and they are smaller so you will receive more intimate attention. (dates to be scheduled with 1-2 months notice-replays available) 

This tier is limited to the first 20 people.

The investment for Tier 2 is $188 per month or $2200/year (Save $56)

We ask for a 4 month minimum commitment to join Tier 2.

Path To Growth,
Dr. Maha Nasrallah-Babenko (she/her) - PhD

“Before joining Keri's group, I was trying to rebuild my practice after moving countries and states, and struggling to find the confidence to ask for the abundance I wanted. Having my own practice and being completely virtual also felt isolating at times.

After allowing myself to receive support and to be vulnerable, I have been able to build more confidence, make more money than I ever have, get the clients I love working with and feel aligned with, and most importantly, be part of a community where I created some deep and meaningful connections and relationships. Working with Keri has truly been a gift. ”


Path To Growth,
Matt Kreiner - LCSW, CSAT, CMAT - Owner, Beacon Psychotherapy, PLLC

“Keri's support is at the same time easy and difficult to describe. It's easy in that there have been direct positive results in my practice, in myself, and in my financial abundance. The difficulty is in naming how these results came to pass, because it feels so personal. Keri has a way of helping me get in touch with myself. This connection makes me feel more confident in my clinical skills and choices. I'm certain this comes through in all my relationships.

The pace of life with my family can get so hectic. Keri's steady observations and invitations to notice within help me to slow down and find my way to the choices that are best for me - whatever "best" needs to mean in that moment. She's walked alongside me as I've opened my practice, built it to a long waitlist, and raised my fees.

Our work together has also given me peace of mind and confidence that I desperately needed to unlock. Her authentic energy was just what I needed to see and reach more of my potential. I'll be forever grateful, and will continue to call her when I need to. She's just an incredible teammate. ”

LCSW, CSAT, CMAT - Owner, Beacon Psychotherapy, PLLC

Path To Growth,
Marisol Wetzstein - LMHC - Conscious Parent Coach

“Before Keri's support I felt trapped living a very small life. I felt tense and constricted and although I had tiptoed into private practice, was married and a mom of 2 precious baby girls and LOVED being a mom, I was lost inside all the roles. I was barely making ends meet financially relying on husband's income, feeling guilty and timid to expand outside the boxes of grad school, hidden, tense, small.

After giving myself permission to work with Keri and attend her groups, I immediately began envisioning and leaning into what was possible - and meeting the parts of me that were so afraid to expand! Gentle loving guidance and acceptance helped to encourage massive shifts - from something as small as decorating my office space which seemed SO difficult as I've never actually tapped into what I wanted - to increasing my rate, which led to more confidence and courage to make other changes.

Today I find myself mentoring, teaching and guiding while continuing my own private practice with the most aligned clients.

The upward spiral of being able to tap what was inside and learn to surrender to a bigger plan continues to be a daily lesson. Looking back and remembering the visualizations and journal prompts from those sessions - now to see them materialized and even magnified - is humbling and so validating that seeking our own truth within, breaking down walls of resistance - is so very worth it.”

LMHC - Conscious Parent Coach

Path To Growth,
Talia Bombola - LMFT - Confidence + Assertiveness Specialist™ and Mentor

“Having Keri’s guidance while building my therapy business, my coaching business and embarking on other endeavors like podcasts, e-commerce, and growing a viral Instagram page has been truly transformational. I have grown into a different person and changed for the better over the years I’ve worked with her.

Keri is gifted at her craft. Years ago, and especially before I started working with her, I would have never imagined I would have the life I have now. My money wounds ran deep and I was not yet grounded in my purpose. Now I am abundant in every sense of the word and have a better sense of not only my professional identity, but also my personal identity. It’s amazing what can happen when you start believing in yourself and have someone like Keri believe in you too.”

LMFT - Confidence + Assertiveness Specialist™ and Mentor

Path To Growth,
Rachel Koutnik - LCSW

“I have been involved with Keri's group over many years now. Initially the group was a space where I came out of hiding. I was burned out at my agency job and had big dreams of starting my own practice. I was also craving ongoing support personally as a highly sensitive person and therapist. These women quickly became a tribe of soul centered wise warriors who inspired me to pave my own path.

In Keri's group I went from total isolation, to making a move to CA for a higher paying job, then taking the steps after being inspired by Keri and the other women to start my private practice. During COVID I went full time in my practice and this year I am on track to make over $100,000 for the first time in my life and am having $10k months.

I am leveling up in my business, growing my own team and continue to meet weekly with women that inspire me. It's amazing to see how I have gone from wishing and wanting to being an inspirational story myself. The ongoing support, grounding, learning and empowerment from this group is awesome.”


Path To Growth,
Sara Joy Kuhlen - Sound Healing Practitioner and Intuitive

“I was raised with a depression era mindset, with a very frugal father, and have been determined to get every last drop out of everything I pay for (you should see how mutilated my toothpaste tubes get before I toss them!). This has become much more clear to me since joining Keri's group, which has allowed me to release some of that energy.

After six months in the group, I noticed myself taking off some weeks when I had other things going on that I needed to prioritize, and I didn't feel any guilt or resentment about missing something that I paid for. In fact I have come to realize that the value the group has brought me is so much beyond what I pay, and I honestly am looking forward to the day I'm in a position to pay MORE, as a reflection of that value.

I am not the same person I was at the start of the year, mostly from learning to recognize and shed so much baggage that was no longer serving me. Many aspects of my life look the same on the outside now as they did at the start of the year, but on an internal basis, this group has been life changing for me. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing group of women and Keri is the best group facilitator I have ever experienced! ”

Sound Healing Practitioner and Intuitive

Path To Growth,
Roberta A. Moore - Ed.S,  LMFT - Author of: “Emotion at Work: Unleashing the Secret Power of Emotional Intelligence

“After giving myself permission to receive Keri and the group’s support, I will be very close to grossing the number that is on my heart this year!!!

I feel like I have my choice of clients, instead of feeling obligated to accept anyone who came my way. I am really excited about the direction my business is taking and best of all, I am ditching the imposter syndrome! I feel like I am growing up. I am leaving past family traumas behind. My capacity to receive is expanding every day. I am very grateful to Keri and am proud to be a member of her group.

Being in this group also helped me feel sturdy in raising my rates for new clients to $195 per session. I had tried unsuccessfully for at least a year or more attempting to do this on my own. I guess I needed the energy of Keri and the group to help me unkink and believe that I was worth charging this much.

I also notice that I am not comparing myself to others and falling short anymore. Before this group, I used to feel that I was not successful. Now I do feel successful being me, and expanding into more of myself one step at a time. ”

Ed.S, LMFT - Author of: “Emotion at Work: Unleashing the Secret Power of Emotional Intelligence

I have a busy schedule. Is live participation required?

Live participation in sessions is recommended, but not required. We invite you to trust yourself and how you are meant to engage with this experience. Some months you may feel called to engage more regularly while others the replays may feel nourishing. Replays of all calls will be available in the community within 48 hours of each session so you can watch at your convenience when you can’t join live.

Are the twice monthly sessions live or prerecorded?

The twice monthly sessions are generally live with the very occasional exception of a pre-recorded session when Keri is traveling.  Each session is also recorded and you will be able to access the recordings in the Abundance Activator Community platform.

Will I get individual attention/support from Keri in the Abundance Activator?

The Abundance Activator is a group program where Keri simultaneously supports many healers at a time through the facilitation of interactive exercises, discussion, healing transmissions and group coaching. During Q&A sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions and Keri may engage with you individually as relevant to support the collective space.

What results can I expect from joining the Abundance Activator?

Keri does not guarantee specific results or make promises as each participant has their own journey with money and you are invited to take responsibility for giving yourself permission to receive what you desire from the space. With that said, in self-reported survey results, after working with Keri and/or her programs:

  • 78% of healers said: I have a better relationship with my money
  • 72% of healers said: I am welcoming more aligned opportunities, collaborations, partnerships
  • 67% of healers said: Increased my abundance, profits, and cash
  • 67% of healers said: I have more clarity about who I am and what I offer
  • 67% of healers said: I experience more ease and flow in my business more often
  • 67% of healers said: I trust myself more
  • 61% of healers said: I feel connected to creative ideas and possibilities more often
  • 56% of healers said: I feel safer being seen and heard as I market my practice
  • 50% of healers said: I have welcomed more of my soulmate clients into my practice

How and/or does the Abundance Activator Community address the issue of oppression and inequity among BIPOC?

We validate, honor and acknowledge the very real current and historical oppression and related inequities that BIPOC have and do experience within society's institutions including, but not limited to government, education, financial and healthcare.

With that said, Keri’s strength, focus and embodied wisdom/experience lives in helping healers identify, transmute and upgrade personal patterns related to their capacity to receive. The Abundance Activator Community is most aligned for therapists and healing entrepreneurs who have reached a point on their journey where they are ready to claim their power by identifying and resolving their own internalized oppression that would keep them from welcoming abundance in all possible ways.

The Abundance Activator Community is an energetically competent space in service to the purest level of truth and integrity and while it is not an offering explicitly dedicated to activism, it holds the intention of bringing each individual into right relationship with their power, thereby supporting the dismantling of oppression in all its forms.

Are there any scholarships or discounts for the Abundance Activator?

No. This offering is intuitively priced to welcome the healers who are aligned with this abundance frequency and beyond. If the price stretches you to a point of creating financial stress or pressure, we invite you to engage with Keri's free offerings first and join us when it is financially aligned.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on any payments already made so please be sure you are confident about your purchase before making it. You are however able to cancel your subscription after 3 months (for Tier 1) and after 4 months (for Tier 2) if you are paying monthly.

I'm IN! How do I register?

Yay!  Simply click the "Join Now" button for your preferred tier below to reserve your spot today and we’ll see you in the Abundance Activator Community!

Do You Have Further Questions About The Abundance Activator?

Please enter your questions in the contact form below and a member of my team will be in touch shortly.

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