Keri Nola - Matriarch of The Abundance Activator

“Client testimonies used to live here, but I have removed them because in all honesty, the only Truth that matters as you consider joining us is yours. Others’ opinions and experiences of my space and work, while a beautiful example of what is possible, don't necessarily correlate with what will happen for you. This space invites you into deep Self trust and activating of responsibility for your energy, actions & reality. May that begin now with your sovereign choice. This is your invitation to drop into your own cellular knowing and follow it. If you feel a full-body YES to join me in The Activator, I welcome you and look forward to witnessing and supporting the unraveling of YOUR experience.”

Matriarch of The Abundance Activator


The Abundance Activator


for the first 3 months
  • Access to 2 Monthly Zoom Sessions:
    • 1 Abundance Activation
    • 1 Q&A Group Coaching Experience 
  • Your Private Members Forum
  • Full Access to the Library of Abundance Resources

The investment for Tier 1 is one payment of $333 for the first 3 months and then $111 per month thereafter until or unless participant chooses to cancel.

You can also choose to invest $1212 for the full year (save $120).


The Abundance Alchemist

By Invitation Only

after participation in Tier 1
  • Access to 2 Monthly Zoom Sessions:
    • 1 Abundance Activation
    • 1 Q&A Group Coaching Experience 
  • Your Private Members Forum
  • Full Access to the Library of Abundance Resources


  • 4 Quarterly Virtual Retreats. These are half day retreats diving deeper into Abundance Activation and they are smaller so you will receive more intimate attention. (dates to be scheduled with 1-2 months notice-replays available) 

I have a busy schedule. Is live participation required?

Live participation in sessions is recommended, but not required. We invite you to trust yourself and how you are meant to engage with this experience. Some months you may feel called to engage more regularly while others the replays may feel nourishing. Replays of all calls will be available in the community within 48 hours of each session so you can watch at your convenience when you can’t join live.

Are the twice monthly sessions live or prerecorded?

The twice monthly sessions are generally live with the very occasional exception of a pre-recorded session when Keri is traveling.  Each session is also recorded and you will be able to access the recordings in the Abundance Activator Community platform.

Will I get individual attention/support from Keri in the Abundance Activator?

The Abundance Activator is a group program where Keri simultaneously supports many healers at a time through the facilitation of interactive exercises, discussion, healing transmissions and group coaching. During Q&A sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions and Keri may engage with you individually as relevant to support the collective space.

What results can I expect from joining the Abundance Activator?

Keri does not guarantee specific results or make promises as each participant has their own journey with money and you are invited to take responsibility for giving yourself permission to receive what you desire from the space. With that said, in self-reported survey results, after working with Keri and/or her programs:

  • 78% of healers said: I have a better relationship with my money
  • 72% of healers said: I am welcoming more aligned opportunities, collaborations, partnerships
  • 67% of healers said: Increased my abundance, profits, and cash
  • 67% of healers said: I have more clarity about who I am and what I offer
  • 67% of healers said: I experience more ease and flow in my business more often
  • 67% of healers said: I trust myself more
  • 61% of healers said: I feel connected to creative ideas and possibilities more often
  • 56% of healers said: I feel safer being seen and heard as I market my practice
  • 50% of healers said: I have welcomed more of my soulmate clients into my practice

How and/or does the Abundance Activator Community address the issue of oppression and inequity among BIPOC?

We validate, honor and acknowledge the very real current and historical oppression and related inequities that BIPOC have and do experience within society's institutions including, but not limited to government, education, financial and healthcare.

With that said, Keri’s strength, focus and embodied wisdom/experience lives in helping healers identify, transmute and upgrade personal patterns related to their capacity to receive. The Abundance Activator Community is most aligned for therapists and healing entrepreneurs who have reached a point on their journey where they are ready to claim their power by identifying and resolving their own internalized oppression that would keep them from welcoming abundance in all possible ways.

The Abundance Activator Community is an energetically competent space in service to the purest level of truth and integrity and while it is not an offering explicitly dedicated to activism, it holds the intention of bringing each individual into right relationship with their power, thereby supporting the dismantling of oppression in all its forms.

Are there any scholarships or discounts for the Abundance Activator?

No. This offering is intuitively priced to welcome the healers who are aligned with this abundance frequency and beyond. If the price stretches you to a point of creating financial stress or pressure, we invite you to engage with Keri's free offerings first and join us when it is financially aligned.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on any payments already made so please be sure you are confident about your purchase before making it. You are however able to cancel your subscription after 3 months (for Tier 1) and after 4 months (for Tier 2) if you are paying monthly.

I'm IN! How do I register?

Yay!  Simply click the "Join Now" button for your preferred tier below to reserve your spot today and we’ll see you in the Abundance Activator Community!

Do You Have Further Questions About The Abundance Activator?

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